The profession of landscape architecture has far-reaching abilities.  Landscape Architects look at a site wholistically.  Analyzing the site for use, pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow, and impact to the environment are at the forefront of our design process.  Sites are developed through a fusion of planning, and design that melds the natural and built environment.  For additional information click here.


Each design project is unique, and our team responds to that on a personal level.  From private residential projects, to large-scale land-use planning, our studio is driven to help our clients succeed in realizing their vision.  At BBLA, we work closely with our clients, but we also coordinate with dedicated professionals from related professions.  This approach insures that the planning and design strategy for each project responds to the site and our client's desires.   Thoughful design and good communication keep the team informed and involved in all decisions.  



Landscape Architectural Services

Site Analysis & Pre-Design

Site Planning

Grading & Drainage Plans

Conceptual Design

Design Development

Construction Documents

Construction Cost Estimating

Construction Administration

Native Restoration Design

GIS Mapping

Additional Services Available

Master Planning

Land-Use Analysis & Planning

Urban Renewal Design

Street & Parking Design

Environmental Assessments

Special-Use Master Planning

Parks & Recreation Design

Site Development Planning

Community/Subdivision Planning

Trail Design (Bike/Pedestrian/Equestrian)

Resort Planning

Commercial Site Planning & Design

Lakeshore Design & Permitting

Illustrative Renderings